June 15th 9:00 pm. Drinks and popcorn will be served. This is a Dive in movie. Bring you bathing suits and float to fully enjoy this movie! See you there!
Important Contact Information

Facility Manager - Richard Waters 
(904) 565-9385

Wynnfield Lakes Operations Manager - Chris Hall
(904) 814-1246

District Manager - Dave deNagy
(904) 940-5850 ext. 404

Wynnfield Lakes CDD 
Management Company - GMS, LLC
(904) 940-5850

Giddens Security
(904) 384-8071

Streetlight Out?
Call JEA at (904) 665-6000 or 1-800-683-5542

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office - non emergency line
(904) 630-0500

                                         Wynnfield Lakes HOA 

For answers to the most frequently asked questions or to obtain specific information regarding your home please visit the HOA website:


                                        HOA Management contact: 

Brian Hooie, CAM 
Kingdom Management                 Website: www.KingdomManagement.com
Phone: (904) 646-2626                 Email: Brian@kingdommanagement.com
Fax: (904) 645-3966            

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