CDD Overview

Notice of Meetings
Wynnfield Lakes
Community Development District 

                The Board of Supervisors of the Wynnfield Lakes Community Development District will hold their regularly scheduled public meetings for Fiscal Year 2019 at the University of North Florida, University Center. Located at 12000 Alumni Drive, Room 1090, Jacksonville, Florida at 6 pm. Meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of the following months except where noted * :

      November 14, 2018 *(2nd Wednesday)

            January 16, 2019

            March 20, 2019

May 15th, 2019 - FY 2019 Budget Approval Meeting

July 17th, 2019 - FY 2019 Budget Adoption Meeting

            September 19, 2019

These meetings are open to the public and maybe continued to a time, date and place. Supervisors may attend the meeting by telephone as long as there is a quorum present at the meeting place.  Any person wishing to receive a copy of the minutes of the meeting may contact Daniel Laughlin at (904) 940-5850.  If you are hearing or speech impaired, please contact the Florida Relay Service at 1-800-955-8770, for aid in contacting the District Office.

Each person who decides to appeal any action taken at these meetings is advised that person will need a record of the proceedings and that accordingly, the person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, including the testimony and evidence upon which such appeal is to be based.

                                        Daniel Laughlin
                                       District Manager


The Wynnfield Lakes Community Development District is a local, special purpose government authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes as amended and created by ordinance of Duval County as an alternative method of planning, acquiring, operating and maintaining community-wide improvements in planned communities. A CDD provides the "solution" to Florida's need to provide valuable community infrastructure generated by growth, ultimately without overburdening other governements and their taxpaying residents. Community Development Districts represent a major advancement in Florida's effort to manage its growth effectively and efficiently. This allows a community to establish higher construction standards, meanwhile providing a long-term solution to the operation and maintenance of the community's facilities.

CDD Organization

The Wynnfield Lakes Community Development District is organized similar to other local governments in Florida, in that the legaslative body is composed of a five-member board known as the Board of Supervisors. The Board establishes the policy of the District in accordance with Florida law. The Board, by law, must hire a District Manager and District Counsel. Staff members operate utilizing the same formalities as a County Administrator and County Attorney. The Board, through review of advertised Requests for Qualifications, ranks and selects a District Engineer to perform the engineering needs of the District. District Manager staff and the District Attorney administer the operations of the District and implement the Board's policies and contracts.

District Manager

The District Manager's responsibilities include:

  • Preparation and submittal of a proposed operations and maintenance budgets for Board review and action.
  • Preparation of contract specifications for District operations, including community appearance,¬†stormwater management, amenity operations, security,¬†facilities maintenance and landscape maintenance.
  • File all required forms and documents with state and local agencies.
  • Attend all Board of Supervisor meetings - implement the policies of the Board.
  • Additional duties as directed by the Board.


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